Strato creates opportunities for strategic learning by ”colliding” different organisations and management models, by questioning and challenging. We combine the expertise and competence of our customers, partners and us, in order to find together ways to succeed in the turbulent business environment. The environment, organisation models as well as ways of leading and working are experiencing a major change. The former means of strategy creation and implementation do not work any more. We try to find keys for complex leadership challenges, in close collaboration with you. We ask relevant questions, you will not get ready-made standard answers from us. You will get a sparring partner, ”your own tailor”, who has the courage to question, to ask and to listen.

We focus on strategy renewal and rapid implementation by creating achievement energy in the organisation. When people get a chance to actively participate in the strategy work and operational development, new thoughts and energy will emerge. Based on our personal leadership experience, we at Strato are capable of working with all levels of the organisation – from the people at the front all the way to the board level.


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