Jussi Heimonen

FM, MBA Henley, Executive Coach, VMK
+358 40 5807548

Jussi Heimonen started his business consulting career in 2006 after having served international B2B-business for over 20 years. He started from strategy implementation, by facilitating workshops where the organization’s people were brought together and where all together created joint goals, action plans, timelines and measurements, based on the strategy. This has been a cornerstone of Jussi’s activities since the beginning of his consulting career.

The next step for Jussi to develop his skills was to study executive coaching in the UK. By combining his background in international business, leading organizations and working in top positions in an international conglomerate, he has since coached executives and management teams internationally.

The latest activity where Jussi has been a driving force, is something that he calls Colliding. This is to bring to the same “table” people and organizations from our wide network, to discuss and find potential joint business opportunities. Not randomly but deliberately. And this activity has been a success! Several new joint businesses have been started from these Collission workshops.

What makes Jussi tick? In business, it is people and positive mindsets. Looking for opportunities, not just obstacles. Privately, I continuously look for good wines, and in the summertime, I love to drive my Citroen 2CV Charleston, often also outside of Finland.

Special skills

  • Business strategies and especially, the implementation of them
  • Executive coaching
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Developing management systems
  • Managing and developing international organizations

Previous responsibilities

Since 2006 Jussi has facilitated numerous workshops and coached top management of several organization internationally.

Between 1991 and 2006 Jussi worked in leading positions in UPM, the Biofore company. He worked as managing director of the UPM Swedish and Baltic operations, as VP for Global sales network and VP for Business development. Turnover of the company was at that time 10 billion €. Before UPM Jussi worked in retail and wholesale business for five years.

Jussi has a Master’s degree in economics (University of Oulu, Finland), another Master’s degree in Business administration (University of Reading, Henley Management College, UK). He has also got degrees in International business management (Fintra, Helsinki, Finland) and Commercial field training (SOK, Helsinki, Finland). Jussi’s working languages are English, Finnish, Swedish, German, French and Estonian.

Riitta Kalin

KTM , Certified Business Coach Master
+358 400 418 687

Riitta Kalin is an expert in leading challenging transformations in international companies of various sizes. She has worked as a senior consultant and coach for executives for 25 years, having gained a deep understanding of the success factors of major change processes. With the background as finance manager, she learned only during the years – from her own experience as a leader – that facts and figures do not bring the desired results, and how strongly beliefs, mental models and feelings  influence decisions and cultures in organisations. Thus she calls the ”soft” people issues the very heavy stuff!  

Riitta is very goal oriented in her own working, and she also urges her customers to focus on the most relevant matters from the desired goal point-of-view.

Special competence

  • Focusing on the strategic objectives and alligning executive teams for common goals
  • Leading challenging transformations in international settings
  • Facilitating and challenging executive teams
  • Executive coaching


Riitta has worked in management positions in global consulting companies, including A T Kearney, Indevo, Ernst&Young, Cap Gemini. Before her consulting career she worked as financial manager in the paper industry.

Riitta is a board member in the Strategic Management Society in Finland, and an active member of several other leadership networks.

Hasse Kvist

M.Sc. (Econ.), Senior Partner Strato
+358 400 423 257

Hasse Kvist specializes in strategy execution and change leadership. Hasse has coached and assisted many companies in strategic development programs. Hasse is at his best when strategic themes based working, inspiring strategy inductions by participants´ own managers, and participative workshops have been the chosen strategy implementation solution. Hasse has also acted as a sparring partner to many executive teams in strategic discussions. In addition Hasse has acted as a pilot for the development of strategy implementation processes.

Passion - Generating traps with energized people and teams hunting and fishing for Growth and High Performance, and aiming for significantly improved scores.

Special skills

  • Strategic discussions and strategy implementation
  • Change Leadership
  • Inspiring, participative and energizing strategy inductions and workshops
  • Workshops for creating Achievement Energy for Productivity and Projects -

Earlier career

Hasse started his working career in the Forest industry. He then moved on to work for Retail and Wholesale trade in Finland. His experience from Strategy implementation started to grow in the 80´s when he started working as a consultant with the Service Management Group. After working in the SMG Group Hasse and two colleagues set up a Service consultancy named Sedecon Consulting. Sedecon grew into a 30 person strong Service, Service quality, Processes and Team organizations development powerhouse that was sold in 2000.

Hasse then started and created the PPA Performance Power Associates Team. Main consulting and development areas during Hasse´s PPA time were Change Leadership and Performance Leadership. Hasse was trying to replace the sc. Performance Management processes with new methods where the role of managers would be more of a coach than boss. Hasse started the H2OTeam and then Strato with Anneli to have an even stronger strategic focus in own consulting and development work. Hasse has also been the founder, producer and one writer of eight management book writing teams.

Torfinn Slåen

+358 400 442 404

Norwegian by birth, Torfinn Slåen has worked as a coach and consultant since 1986. His greatest interest is to help his customers to simplify their working habits, and to find the most relevant issues in their work. By focusing on the right things, people release time and energy for finding innovative solutions for strategy implemention.

Torfinn´s working languages are Norwegian (mother tongue), Finnish, English and Swedish.

Anneli Valpola

FK, Mphil
+358 50 555 6565

Anneli has a background in Human Resources and Change Management. She has worked in top positions at Wärtsilä and as business consultant a long time. Her focus is and has been on Executive and Leadership development, Human Resource Strategies and Transformation processes. She has cooperated with MIL Institute in Sweden and Ashridge Management Consultants in UK.

She has a vision of working life, where people encourage each other and innovate for outcomes. She motivates herself with the motto:  let’s put the overall on and get started!

Anneli has written a pile of books, of which some are in English, some in Swedish. Main part are available only in Finnish.


  • Johtajuuden salat. Kauppakamari 2015. (Great Leaders)
  • Toimiva johtoryhmä – aikaansaamisen aallot. Kauppakamari 2012. (Management Team Work)
  • M&A Coach, Value from Integration,with Kaija Katariina Erkkilä, Teknova 2011.
  •  Strategy into Action – People Create the Change  (Strategia toimeksi – muutosvoimana ihmiset), with Hasse Kvist, Jussi Heimonen, Kenny Niutanen, Lea Lillkåll, Leena Masalin, Riitta Kalin. 2010; 2013. STRATO
  • Ammattitaito jakoon Teknologiateollisuus 2008. (Share your professional skills)
  • Organisaatiot yhteen – muutosjohtamisen käytännön keinot, WSOY 2004. (Change Management)
  • Onnistu kehityskeskustelussa, WSOY 2003/as an online book 2013. 157 pages. (Performance appraisal)
  • Make You Happen 1999. in English
  • Johtajana muutoksessa, Risto Tainio & Anneli Valpola (eds.), WSOY 1996 (Change Management)
  • TYÖKUMMI – mentortoiminnan opas, Olorin Oy 1993 / 1999/2011. (Mentoring)
  • TOTI2, Strategic Management, MET 1991, in English


  • Intervention competence of successful change consultants. 2011. Survey financed by The Finnish Work Environment Fund.
  • Ammattitaito jakoon, hiljaisen tiedon valmennusopas. Ilmarinen. 2005. (Tacit knowledge, recognize and transfer the professional skills.)
  • Evita mentorointi. Varma 2002. (Mentoring)

Anneli is honorary member of two societies: SSJS, The Strategy Management Society of Finland and HENRY Ry, The Finnish Association of Human Resource Management.

Her interests and focus are especially on:

  • Coaching of executives and management teams
  • Facilitating change processes, both business, R&D and culture changes
  • Writing books about leadership and life.

Tuomo Sulkumäki

+358 50 354 5522

Tuomo Sulkumäki is an expert in mergers & acquisitions, and in uniting different company cultures, both locally as well as in global enterprises. He has also been involved in creating and implementing strategies in various organisations, working as a facilitator or as a development, financial or business director.

Lauri Vihonen

M.Sc. , MBA
+358 50 4381912

“You need an energizing sales attitude in every leadership role”, says Lauri and continues: ”It is about understanding what drives the other person and helping her to achieve her goals better than anyone else”.

Lauri’s passion is to help leaders and individuals grow and achieve their targets. His strategy and development workshops involve participants to discover, co-create and experience the power of the team. No wonder participants call them inspiring, interactive, productive, challenging and energizing.

Improve yourself and your team

  • Better strategy, direction and objectives
  • Improve sales and procurement performance
  • Lead and re-energize change programs
  • Global tasks requiring cross-industry capabilities

Discovering something new

He has developed a process which helps leaders experiment new ideas, discover fresh perspectives and bring structure to plans together with their teams. Individual and group development is facilitated with debates, writing, listening and storytelling supported by music and physical activities. The group process and outcomes are documented with photographs.

Business background

Lauri is an innovative leader with extremely broad business background. He has led sales, information technology, procurement and businesses in multiple C-level roles across several fields both locally and globally. He is an energizing and inspiring team player. He acts also as an advisor in large change programs.

Community service

Lauri helps start-up companies grow in his home region. He is also an active member of industry groups focusing in procurement and leadership development. He is a member of Project Association, Procurement and Logistics Association and Strategic Leadership Association.

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